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Machining glass enclosures

Machining enclosures is relatively straight forward when standard materials are involved, eg. Aluminium or ABS. However glass-reinforced materials pose a potential problem. The glass content requires alternative tooling and also a health and safety consideration. Glass dust needs to be captured to protect operators but the cut and finish of the enclosure should still be of the highest quality.

Hammond Manufacturing, a world leader in enclosure manufacture asked Box Clever Components Ltd (a Hammond distributor) to customise one of their glass filled polyester range of enclosures. Using expertise from our sister company Bray Plastics in machining composite materials, BCC were happy to assist.


To minimise airborne particulate, Bray Plastics use a combination of down draught tables and vacuum filtration to protect the user as well as the latest composite solid carbide cutters ensuring quality finish.

Bray use this method on a range of composite materials such as Ceramics, Kevlar, carbon fibre, Tufnol, Phenolics, Premac as well as glass reinforced plastics.

This customisation service and expertise is available to all BCC customers using our enclosures.




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