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UL Flammability Classification UL 94

Vertical Burning Test for Flammability Classification UL94-5V

The length of the test specimen is 127mm (5”) and the width 12.7mm (0.5”).  The test sheet shall not be more than 12.7mm (0.5”) thick.

Flammability classification is granted for specific thickness intervals, for which both the maximum thickness and minimum thickness sheet must be tested.  The test sheet is fixed 6.35mm (1/4”) from the upper end in the vertical position.  The flame of the burner used is adjusted so that it forms a 127mm (5”) flame whose blue heart is 40mm (1.57”) long.  The flame is directed from below at the corner of the plastic sheet at a distance of 25.4mm (1”).  The flame is applied for 5seconds, after which it is removed for 5seconds.  This is repeated five times.  The entire test is carried out on five test specimen.

The material tested is UL94-5V classified if;

  • a)    No test specimen burns with a flame of afterglow for more than 60seconds after the fifth ignition
  • b)    No material drops from the test specimen

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