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Operating Temperature of plastics

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Designation Maximum Operating Temperature Classification (about 1.5mm) Flame Rating (UL94)  UL File No
GE Lexan 241R (F2) 130ºC V-2 E16723
GE Lexan 261R 130ºC V-2 E16723
Teijin Panlite LV-2250V 125ºC V-2 E50075
BAYER Makrolon 2865 125ºC V-2 E178485
GE Lexan ML1848 125ºC V-0 E16723
GE Lexan 940 (f1) 130ºC V-0 E121562
Teijin Panlite LN-1250G 125ºC V-0 E50075
BAYER Makrolon 6485 (f1) 125ºC V-0 E33640
Thai PC N-5+ 125ºC V-0 E192206
Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO) Asahi 300V 110ºC V-1 E82268
Asahi 500V 110ºC V-1 E82268
GE Noryl PX1005X(GG) 95ºC V-0 E121562
GE Noryl SE100 95ºC V-1 E121562
GE Noryl SE1 110ºC V-1 E121562
ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadine Styrene) LG H1-121 H1-121A 60ºC HB E67171
CHI MEI Polylac PA-757+ 85ºC HB E56070
CHI MEI Polylac PA-765+ 85ºC V-0 E56070
GE Cycolac SEA2 60ºC V-0 E16723
LG Lucky AF-312 85ºC V-0 E67171
Toray Toyolac 884 60ºC V-0 E41797(M)
PC/ABS GE Cycoloy C2950 (GG) 85ºC V-0 E121562
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