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We source from all the major enclosure manufacturers.

If the solution is not available off the shelf, our engineers can design, prototype and productionise to match your volume requirement cost effectively.

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DESK/WALL 1597 modem 140x110x30 180x125x35 1597D
DOM range 250x180x57.5 250x180x53.5 DOMOTEK
MBRCA 155x165x69 250x295x107 MBRCA-50505-a
CardMaster IP65 166x160x89 390x315x167
TAST range 200x120x68 240x120x113 MBM-MBT-Untertyp-a
DELTA range 84x80x40 300x166x70 Delta-Box-a
Keyboard TAST 92x168x45 338x168x65 TAST-a
OTHERS Potting boxes 11x11x9 100x60x25 Potting boxes
FLANGED RL6105FL to RL6685FL 80x60x30  200x150x100 RL6215F_B
1551 Range 35x35x15  80x40x20 1551FFLGY_AB
1591 Range  85x56x24  221x150x60 1591CFLGY_AB
RX3005 to RX3010 35x25x6 75x51x28 RX3000 range
PBL range 42x42x40 100x95x42 PBL2
HAND HELD RH3005 to RH3195 range 130x68x25 190x100x40 RH_GroupB
BOS401 to BOS800 range 119x65x26.5 209x98x35 bos_streamline
BCC2 to BCC7 range 92x63x24 154x81x37.5 BCC rang
1553 range 75x50x17 147x89x24 1553WGrp1_B
1593 range 66x66x28 140x66x28 1593grp
1599 range 170x135x27 240x190x30 1599 range
PC range &  ST1 range 85x54x10 114x74x25 PC ST range
  OVO range 55x44x14 124x66x23 OVOTEK
ETP range 130x105x45 210x105x87 ETP-a 
KDCA range 118x104x50 238x104x158  
MBCA range 112x104x50 232x104x158  
MBAL range 89x44x68 89x89x170.5  
MBAS ali din range 96x48x68 96x96x170.5  
1455ext range WxHxL 45x25x60 160x51.5x220 1455P1601_Dis_B
Alubos ext range WxHxL 57x32x100 210x74x1000 alubos range
AluNorm IP66 65x50x40 640x320x120 alunormA
1550 1590 ranges 50x45x24 361x160x70 1550 1590 ranges
ALI RS range 45x50x30 600x600x200 Ali RS range
Aluform range IP66 80x80x80 200x280x70 Aluform RS range
MBA IP66 range 50x45x30 600x310x180 MBA-a
IP RATED Duo Box range IP65 170x80x55 170x80x70 Duo_Box_MBT-MBM
MBM/MBT range IP65 52x50x35 340x200x150 MBM solid-clear lid
MBP range IP65 80x75x55 600x250x120 MBP-a
1554 range IP66 65x65x40 240x160x90 1554 range
RP1020 to RP1465 range IP65 65x60x40 220x165x85 RP range
RS5105 to RS5805 range IP65 105x105x55 250x200x130 RS5305S_B
ABS/PC range IP66/67 50x52x40 400x360x151 Solid-Group
MBA-EX range 58x64x34 600x310x180 ex_leer&ex_MBP
MBP-EX ranges 80x75x55 400x405x120
RECTANGLE RM2015 to RM2095 range 130x100x30 250x180x100 RM2055S_B
RL6105 to RL6685 80x60x30 200x150x100 RL6215_B
RX2002 to RX2010 22.5x16x11.5 73.5x49.5x28 RX2000
RL6015 to RL6065 104x64x40 205x105x40 RL6015_B
T2 to T4 75x56x25 111x57x25 T1-T4 range
MB1 to MB8 79x61x40 220x150x64 MB1 - MB8 range
BM11 to BM22 143x82x30 143x82x58 BM11 to BM22 range
AB77 to AB1010 178x122x36 240x190x90 AB77 - AB1010
MBPO range 65x50x30 188x110x70 MBPO-a
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